‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Zach Tries To Make Up For Lost Time After Contracting Covid & Another Woman’s Exit Leaves Him Stunned

SPOILER ALERT! This post contains details from Season 27, Episode 6 of ABC‘s The Bachelor.

Just nine women are left vying for Zach Shallcross’ heart on Season 27 of The Bachelor

This week, they’re in Estonia and the women are eager to see Zach again now that he’s out of quarantine. Zach is just as eager to see them, telling host Jesse Palmer that being away from them for eight days has been tough. 

Upon arriving in Estonia, Zach learns that Greer has been feeling under the weather and is quarantining in her own room, meaning that she’s unlikely to make it on any of the dates this week. 

Since Charity’s one-on-one in London was canceled, she’s the first contestant to get a date card in Estonia. When Zach comes to pick her up, all the women are excited to see him — but Kat stirs up a bit of drama when she steals Zach away for a quick kiss before he leaves with Charity. Brooklyn tells her that the move was “classless,” but Kat doubles down and says she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. 

Meanwhile, Charity is trying not to let Kat’s actions affect her time with Zach. He takes her on a horse drawn carriage ride through the town. As they’re exploring, they stumble upon a wife-carrying competition (too on the nose?) and decide to join in on the fun. Of course, they win. They then venture to a bar, where they imbibe in some Estonian spirits.

Back at the hotel, tensions are still high after Brooklyn’s argument with Kat. Kat tells Ariel that Brooklyn hurt her feelings by attacking her character, and Ariel empathizes but ultimately tells Kat that it was still wrong to steal Zach away at that moment. Jess admits to Gabi that she’s been feeling insecure, because she’s now one of the last women to get a one-on-one date. She’s not sure how she’ll react if she isn’t chosen this week. 

After a full day of adventuring around the town, Zach and Charity share a romantic dinner. Charity tells Zach that he makes her feel seen, and she opens up about her past relationship, which she described as “emotionally abusive” and unfaithful. She says she got caught in a “vicious cycle of manipulation,” which she hid from her friends and family. Zach tells her that he’s proud of her for getting out of that relationship and shares that he also lost himself in a previous relationship. At the end of their conversation, Zach offers Charity a rose. 

The group date card arrives while Zach and Charity are gone. The women going on the group date this week are Brooklyn, Kaity, Kat, Gabi, Aly, and Jess. That means Ariel will be getting the second one-on-one in Estonia. 

When she learns that she won’t be getting a one-on-one this week, Jess becomes emotional. She and Greer are the last two women to get a one-on-one, which is leaving her questioning where she stands with Zach.

The next morning, Charity tells the other women about her date, hinting at the fact that she had a hard time getting out her head because Kat stole Zach away before the date. Kat says she doesn’t want to have that conversation before the group date, which upsets Brooklyn, who points out that it’s hypocritical to not want to ruin her own experience when that’s what she did to someone else. 

Despite the tension, the women embark on their group date. For the first part of the date, they meet with an Estonian witch, who is supposed to tell the group who is ready to heal and find love. The women are a little hesitant at first, but they lean into the activity and come away feeling more connected to Zach. Well, except for Jess, who is still struggling to feel confident in her connection with Zach. 

She goes into the cocktail party with the intention of talking to Zach more about why they’ve stalled in the progression of their relationship. The conversation doesn’t quite go as planned for either of them. Jess keeps stressing the importance of a one-on-one for her to feel close enough to Zach to open up to him, and Zach doesn’t understand why she is so hung up on getting a one-on-one. He tells her he feels like they’re at an impasse, and she tells him she won’t fight for him if he’s not willing to fight for her. She leaves, which brings Zach to tears as he wonders what went wrong.

Zach’s interactions with the other women go fairly well, but sending Jess home shakes him up enough that he decides not to give out a group date rose.

Zach is still pretty upset the next day, but he puts on a brave face for his one-on-one with Ariel. He’s planned to spend a relaxing day with her at a spa…that’s actually a nude sauna. The pair decide not to go fully naked though, opting for swimsuits instead. Before the first portion of the date is over, Ariel says she feels “light years” ahead in her relationship with Zach now. But after a dip in the hot tub, it’s time for them to share some champagne and get deeper into their conversation.

Ariel tells Zach she has a hard time being vulnerable, especially after past relationships where she had her heart broken. Zach reassures her that he would never ask her to be anything other than herself, and he offers her a rose. 

It’s time for the rose ceremony, and nerves are understandably at an all-time high. Ariel and Charity both already have a rose, but nobody from the group date is safe. 

Before Zach hands out the roses, Charity pulls Kat aside to chat about her actions before Charity’s one-on-one. Kat says she stands by what she did, which is when Brooklyn intervenes. Kat storms away and tells them that she won’t continue the conversation. That’s when Zach pulls Kat aside and asks her why things felt off during the group date, to which she says that nothing is wrong.

Zach offers roses to Kaity, Kat, Brooklyn, and Gabi. Greer also moves forward automatically, since she was quarantining this week. Aly is sent home.

The Bachelor airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC and is available next day on Hulu.

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