Meghan Markle finds King Charles ‘manipulative’: ‘Choosing either current family, Coronation’

Meghan Markle reportedly views King Charles’ Coronation invite as ‘manipulative’ because it forces Prince Harry to make a difficult choice between attending his father’s big day or his current family.

This revelation has been made by the National Enquirer, in their most recent issue, and features admissions by a insider.

The inside source started by saying, “Apparently, she finds this proposal insulting and typically manipulative, since it’s forcing Harry to choose between his current family and attending the coronation.”

“They were planning to have a party for Archie with some of his little friends and their parents, and Meghan wants Harry to help. How would it look if he bailed on his own son’s birthday? I suspect Meghan will not be happy if Harry takes the bait and attends the coronation.”

“There’s still a lot of dialogue that needs to happen between him and the palace – his father especially – and he’ll need reassurances that he’s not going to be shunned or shoved into a lousy seat. But the royals have their own ideas and that seems to be a sticking point with Meghan. We’re told she feels strongly that if Harry rolls over now, the palace will keep excluding her from invitation lists.”

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