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Visiting Anguilla soon? Make sure to know what to expect when it comes to purchasing an Anguilla SIM card.

Fortunately, the Caribbean is one of the best places where you can buy a SIM card easily. You should be able to find a cheap SIM card pretty much anywhere in the Caribbean.

In fact, most data packages are affordable, which makes the whole thing easier!

In this guide, we’ll explain where to buy a SIM card in Anguilla in person and online. We’ll also discuss prepaid SIM cards and eSIMs if your mobile supports them.

Before you read this guide, you may wonder if you actually need a SIM card in Anguilla. If you don’t mind not having Internet, you’ll likely find free Wifi in restaurants, shopping malls, and hotels.

That said, if you need data to get around, or call a cab – you may want to get a SIM card for your travels in Anguilla.

Best SIM Cards In Anguilla

If you’re traveling in Anguilla, we recommend using a SIM card from Digicel, Flow, or Airalo. (I’ll get back to Airalo later on, so keep reading to learn more!)

That said, if you’re planning on visiting other countries during your trip to the Caribbean, you might want to make sure to pick an option that offers coverage in other Caribbean countries.

How To Buy A SIM Card In Anguilla

You can either buy an Anguilla prepaid SIM card in person in some international airports, mobile provider stores, convenience stores, or online.

Usually, you can expect higher costs and low data offers at the airport, so we don’t recommend buying a SIM card at the airport.

That said, you won’t necessarily find SIM card shops in every airport, so it’s essential to keep this in mind. And, when you see a shop, you might also have limited options.

For this reason, I’d recommend buying a SIM card directly from the mobile provider store. Note that you may need your passport to buy one.

Although, this means you won’t get data right upon your arrival. So, if you prefer to be connected at all times, you could use an eSIM or purchase a Caribbean prepaid SIM card online.

Now, let’s take a look at the data plans offered by Digicel, and Flow.

Anguilla seaside



Digicel SIM Cards

Digicel offers several different types of prepaid plans:

  • 2 GB valid for 1 day for XCD 6 ($2.22)
  • 4 GB valid for 3 days for XCD 18 ($6.66)
  • 8 GB valid for 7 days for XCD 40 ($14.80)
  • 15 GB valid for 30 days for XCD 140 ($51.80)

Flow SIM Cards

Flow has three different prepaid plans available:

  • 1.5 GB valid for 1 day for XCD 5.50 ($2.04)
  • 4 GB valid for 3 days for XCD 18 ($6.66)
  • 7 GB valid for 7 days for XCD 35 ($12.95)
  • 12 GB valid for 30 days for XCD 130 ($48.10)

Overall, we think Digicel is the best option if you plan to buy your SIM card in person. That said, any would do if you can’t find their store!

How To Buy A Anguilla Prepaid SIM Card Online

If you wish to have your SIM card ready for your arrival, you could purchase it online or on websites like Amazon.

You’ll find different plans on Amazon. For example, Orange Holiday World SIM works in more than 100+ countries and gives you up to 10 GB of data for 14 days. Anguilla is included.

But there are many other options worth considering, so have a look and make sure the countries you plan on visiting are listed.

Finally, the last option is to buy an eSIM card for Anguilla or, if you’re traveling to multiple countries, an eSIM plan for the Caribbean.

How To Buy An eSIM Card For Anguilla

eSIM is a new concept allowing you to have a virtual SIM card inside your phone. If your mobile phone supports eSIM cards – it’s definitely one of the best options to get data in Anguilla.

Curious? Learn more about eSIMs for travelers on eSIM Roamers.

I started using eSIM as soon as my mobile phone supported it. And I first tried it when visiting my family in Canada. To buy eSIMs, I usually use Airalo.

Keep reading to learn more about the best eSIMs for Anguilla.

Airalo Anguilla

If you want to buy an eSIM for Anguilla, you could purchase one on Airalo. This website offers many eSIM cards worldwide and special plans for North America and Anguilla.

I’ve been using Airalo for several months, and it works fine.

Here are the options available:

  • Dolphin Mobile: 1 GB, valid for 7 days for $9.50

Airalo Anguilla eSIM plans

Here’s an overview of the options available for the Caribbean:

  • 1 GB, valid for 7 days for $15

The options mentioned above are part of the Island Hopper plan and offer coverage in 24 countries in the Caribbean, including Anguilla.

Now, one important thing to note about Airalo is that you’ll need to keep an eye out for the provider in each country.

Suppose you ever have trouble connecting to the Internet during your trip. In that case, it might be because you’re connecting automatically to networks and need to select a network manually instead.

When you purchase the eSIM, you’ll get access to the list of networks supported in each country.

Final Thoughts On SIM Cards In Anguilla

As you can see, getting a prepaid SIM card in Anguilla or even an eSIM for your travels in Anguilla is pretty straightforward.

You’ll even be able to stay connected wherever you go in the Caribbean without changing your SIM card, especially if you purchase a Caribbean plan.

I believe the eSIM card is the most convenient way to get data in Anguilla if you wish to have data upon your arrival. This way, you won’t need to go to a store to buy a SIM card.

Obviously, you need to make sure your mobile phone supports eSIM first.

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